Hors Là Monde s adventure

It was in Paris, at a friend’s house where I met her for the first time.

We both had an adoration for Paris, more like an irrational love. I remember the twinkle her eyes just at the mention of its roofs and bridges.

But suddenly the sparkle in her eyes dimmed with an air of melancholy and she asked me if I knew of Orlamonde.

She did not wait for me to answer,and solemnly continued.

« Orlamonde, is the most beautiful place in the world… Orlamonde, magical castle nestled on a cliff overlooking the French Riviera.

From there, the blue horizon seems endless, the boundaries disappear, and infinity becomes tangible.

Perhaps this is why the owner named it as such.

Because when a beauty is so intense wouldn’t it transcend beyond space »

I listened to her throughout the night. There were accounts of love, velvet skies, pain, desire. Lovers ready to die.

The next day, I lingered at the restaurant where we had promised to meet again, but she never appeared.

The host approached me.

- Mr. Shiloh ?

- Yes, I answered startlingly.

- A young lady left you this letter.

« Dear Friend,

We barely met and we’re already separated…

I treasured our time together, dreaming of another world through night and I gave this dream a name this morning,

Hors Là Monde.

Was it you? Was it me? Or was it Orlamonde that instilled in me the desire to search for universal beauty? I still ponder…

I promise to never forget you. I promise to share every magical moment that I will live to experience.

Take care of yourself.

Time is an illusion. I leave you now for the better find you again.

Adieu »