Michel Roudnitska


"From the senses feast to the Quest of Sense"

Michel ROUDNITSKA  belongs to these creators that have atypical route: transdisciplinary researcher with a commercial training (graduate of the ESSEC business school), he has combined his creative passions in the areas of image (photo, drawing, computer graphics, digital video, laser...) and perfume (fragrances for prestigious brands, therapeutic perfumes and olfactory shows). He has been immersed since his early childhood in the world of perfume and been initiated for nearly 10 years to the knowledge of fragrant raw material and the art of composition by his father Edmond Roudnitska, creator of the “Eau Sauvage” of Dior.  

In order to better promote the artistic dimension of the fragrance, Michel focused on the concept of "parfums d’auteur" by working primarily for "niche" brands as Frédéric Malle and Hors Là Monde in France and Parfums DelRae in the USA.  

Among the first to integrate computer graphics in his shows since 1981, he was also the pioneer of olfactory performances in 1996, during the Avignon Festival with "Quintessence", a ballet created with the Opera of Avignon on the theme of the 5 elements. Other performances followed as "Pierre de Soleil" based on the famous poem by Octavio Paz, the Nabucco opera by Verdi odorized in Ahoi’s concert hall (6000 seats) in Rotterdam and more recently the multi-sensory concert "World Scents" presented at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and then in Montreux, Moscow, Vladivostok, Perth...

All these achievements are based on the study of the correspondence between sounds, colors, visual and olfactory shapes that Michel Roudnitska led for over 30 years.

The last 4 years he has focused on the spiritual and therapeutic dimension of the fragrance following an “Olfactotherapic” training and working with native American shamans. He also participated in NGO humanitarian assistance programs for Amazonian Indian communities. So he was brought to follow an initiation to the ancestral traditions of these peoples by discovering the plants associated with these rituals. Essential oils extracted from these plants are now integrated to his creations and performances.