Hors La Monde - Lady Shiloh 

1 May 2010

Lladro porcelainI do prefer Shiloh before Lady Shiloh if I have to chose, but that doesn´t mean that Lady shiloh is a weaker scent. Just like with Shiloh, you can tell Lady Shiloh is made with high quality ingrediences, serious perfume skills and interest of composition. And, just as Shiloh, Lady Shiloh is a "keyscent" for me. With keyscent I mean a kind of scent that manage to deepen my feeling for and knowledge about a certain (or many) note. A scent that helps me appreciate and like a note that I have had troble liking earlier. A scent that I´ll recommend to others for understanding a kind of note often a little hard to be familiar and comfy with.

And what is the key note in Lady Shiloh? Well, it has a musk note I recognize from V.Westwood´s Boudoir and Miller Harris L Air de Rien. That certain musk smells like body odour and unfortunatly in both Boudoir and L Air de Rien it smells like dirty kind of body odour. Some people love Boudoir and L Air de Rien thanks to that note, but on me it turns nothing but bad... But, this is so strange... the same note in Lady Shiloh suits me quite well .

Most of all, Lady Shiloh is a fine tuned, powdery and soft floral, even though I can smell the musk at once, it is very dirscrete and light. Since I recognised it, I start waiting for it to grew on me, I belive that I´ll have to go and wash it of. But, however, Lady Shiloh never reaches that point. The flowers in Lady Shiloh manage to keep ground all the time, even though I think it´s amazing that flowers so soft and gentle can dominate anything at all. Jasmine and violet are the elegant, beautiful and ladylike parts in Lady Shiloh. Yes, it is a very elegant scent, suitable for any arketypical lady, but Lady Shiloh is so much more than a well behaved lady... I guess Lady Shiloh is a lady in the same way as the lady in Lady Chatterley´s Lover... Lady at the outside and thanks to good training, but also a creature filled with both sensual and erotic spirit if only someone wake it up.

In both Boudoir and L Air de Rien the musk note (on me) become overwhelming, dominant and dirty. Lady Shiloh won´t go that far, the erotic qualities are all the time on the right side of a thin, delicate line it is sensual, erotic and full bodied without ever being raw, dirty or animalic. And thanks to that lady Shiloh become the most erotic of them all, since it leaves a lot to me and my imagination. This is a really exciting and very well made scent. The name itself contribute to the overall impression in a most intelligent way.

As with Shiloh, I do recommend Lady Shiloh to everybody that appreciate a good and interesting scent. But mostly to the one´s that love Boudoir or/and L Air de Rien, Lady Shiloh would suit well, even though lighter and more discrete. And for those of you that not really manage to like Boudoir or L Air de rien, Lady Shiloh is an excellent starting point for this kind of musk scents.

Lady Shiloh is in the skin scent category (at least with a dab on sample) and have good longvity, about 7-8 hours.