Mazal Tov to Shiloh, the new perfume

31 July 2007

shilohMy dear friend, nearly family, SymineSalimpour just informed me of the official launch of her new perfume Shiloh.

Her perfume was famous even before it was launched since Angelina Jolie named her baby by the same name and try block the usage of this name. A legal action was taken on and Symine won it recently.

The story of this perfume is important to me not only because it is the "baby" of a close friend, but because it will also serve a noble cause as 5% of revenues will be paid to charity dedicated to disabled children in Israel.

Like me, Symine is from the south of France and also lived in Israel, about the same time i arrived in this country. She decided to explore her new adventure in the other side of the globe. She is very talented and has an incredible energy. I am sure this will be a hit.

Symine s story got my attention as soon as i heard about it, i wrote about it in French in the blog of my friend Loic Le Meur and today, a few months after, The Washington Post is covering it in many details.  

What i like best in this article is the conclusion
The trademark battle "was just a huge misunderstanding," Salimpour says, magnanimous in victory. "And besides having a baby named Shiloh -- because this perfume, it is my baby -- we can say we have two other things in common: We believe in human rights, and we love Brad Pitt!"
A story that smells good...